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As an element of the agriculture value chain, Area Q Traders focuses on the supply and delivery of agriculture products to clients. In this way agriculture products are able to reach out to people through different clients that function as outlets. The agriculture products are supplied and delivered to Supermarkets, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels just to mention a few.




Area Q Traders promotes sustainable agriculture to rural smallholder farmers through the provision of Agriculture inputs, proper training, and Markets for the harvest. Through this arrangement, the rural smallholder farmers are able to benefit financially through the markets that are found for them by Area Q Traders. The farmers are also able to benefit technically through the trainings that they get from Area Q Traders on best crop husbandry practices and postharvest management.

Market Research



 Area Q Traders is also involved in the analysis of market needs and product availability through Market research. Through market research, there is better understanding of the demand and supply needs which leads to better decisions on what products to produce or supply to satisfy the demand on the market. Improvement of the supply chain is therefore done using research based decisions.


 Our Quality Control Process

Research & Analysis

Researching possible demand on the market and being able to use the information with farmers in the field

Engaging Farmers

Farmers are engaged with the needs collected  from the research and apply appropriate standards to produce quality

Supply and Customer support

Once goods are supplied, customers also provide feedback on the delivered  products  which is part of data collection tool. It helps to go back to farmers to maintain and improve quality needed 


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“Bringing together the right information with the right people will dramatically improve a company’s ability to develop and act on strategic business opportunities”.

Area Q Traders believes in this quote by Bill Gates and acts on opportunities with the right information and the right people